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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

3D Bedroom OpenGL Computer graphics projects

 computer graphics project using opengl





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This is an assignment done for my Computer Graphics lab using C++ and OpenGL. The GL, GLU and GLUT libraries were used. The bedroom was designed using cubes, pyramids and one 2D polygon.

The features of the bedroom -

  • No lighting, no textures, no curve
  • A pendulum clock with a moving pendulum
  • A rotating fan (can be turned on/off)
  • Change eyepoint and lookat point using keys

The keys used are -

To move Eye point:

  1. w: up
  2. s: down
  3. a: left
  4. d: right
  5. i: zoom in
  6. o: zoom out

To move Camera point:

  1. j: up

  2. n: down

  3. b: left

  4. m: right

  5. l: move nearer

  6. k: move far

  7. q to move to default position (both eyepoint & lookat point)

  8. f: to turn on/off fan

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