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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Computer Graphics Mini Project - 3D Car Animation

There are many car related and racing related Computer Graphics Mini Project Projects. Some are simple, some little complex but all are good for student to choose for their Mini Project. All our computer graphics projects are in 2d. In this post we are going to give your a new  3D Car Animation project. 

This projects blog post are written in such a way that you can use it for you report. We have tried our best in writing the post that well help students in creating report of Computer Graphics Mini Project Projects themselves without any hassle. 

Computer Graphics Mini Project Projects - 3D Car Animation





Future Encashment

Video Demo

Source Code Download


Main aim of this Mini Project is to illustrate 3D Car Animation using OpenGL Computer graphics. The concepts of OpenGL glut library and C++ has been used to create  3D Car Animation. We demonstrates all the animation of 3D car including standalone car, driving in day/night, wheel effect, fog effect, animate in different directions,  change of colors.
There is user interaction in this CG program. We have used input devices like mouse and key board to interact with program.                                


This program is implemented using various OpenGL functions and user defined functions which are given upcoming paragraphs.  

To code this basic OpenGL Computer Graphics Mini Project Projects we need to understand the concept of car design and it's movement. First we need to code a car.  There are different module for car coding - front module, body, window, wheel and silencer. We are not going to full code a glimpse of it below - 

Code for drawing front window -

  glVertex3f( 0.6, 0.5,0.6);
  glVertex3f( 0.7,0.65,0.6);       //tri front window

Code for ignition system


Code for Wheel 


This Computer Graphics Mini Project Projects not just show the animation of car the aim of project but also have title. In beginning to project there is title screen which allow to show case the name of projects, student name, guide name, college name and instructions for the program.

Various OpenGL functions used in this program.

glutInit() : interaction between the windowing system and OPENGL is initiated

glutInitDisplayMode() : used when double buffering is required and depth information is required

glutCreateWindow() : this opens the OPENGL window and displays the title at top of the window

glutInitWindowSize() : specifies the size of the window

glutInitWindowPosition() : specifies the position of the window in screen co-ordinates

glutKeyboardFunc() : handles normal ascii symbols

glutSpecialFunc() : handles special keyboard keys

glutReshapeFunc() : sets up the callback function for reshaping the window

glutIdleFunc() : this handles the processing of the background

glutDisplayFunc() : this handles redrawing of the window

glutMainLoop() : this starts the main loop, it never returns

glViewport() : used to set up the viewport

glVertex3fv() : used to set up the points or vertices in three dimensions

glColor3fv() : used to render color to faces

glFlush() : used to flush the pipeline

glutPostRedisplay() : used to trigger an automatic redrawer of the object

glMatrixMode() : used to set up the required mode of the matrix

glLoadIdentity() : used to load or initialize to the identity matrix

glTranslatef() : used to translate or move the rotation center from one point to another in three dimensions

glRotatef() : used to rotate an object through a specified rotation angle

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In this graphics program we have user interaction with mouse and keyboard. 

Mouse Interaction

-> Press Right mouse button for menu and select submenu there. 
  • car model mode
  • car driving mode
  • fog effect
  • wheel effect
  • toggle light
  • car colors
    • blue
    • red
    • green
    • black
    • yellow
    • grey
  • Day mode
  • Night mode

Keyboard Interaction

  1. esc - Exit from the program
  2. spacebar - Enter the main screen from start screen.
  3. x- Rotate the car in 'x' direction
  4. y- Rotate the car in 'y' direction
  5. z- Rotate the car in 'z' direction
  6. a- Increase the size of car in'x' direction
  7. s- Increase the size of car in 'y' direction
  8. q- Increase the size of car in 'z' direction
  9. u- Camera top view
  10. f- Camera side view
  11. left arrow key - Move car in forward direction
  12. right arrow key-  Move car in backward direction

Future Enhancement

You can implement many enhancement in future like adding sound to it etc. Below are some future addition that can be added to projects for improvement. 
  1. Addition of sound
  2. More cars can be added into it.
  3. Surroundings can be created in much better way by adding tree etc.
  4. Multiple roads can be added with street light
  5. Traffic signal can be added
  6. Advance camera view
  7. More colors can be added

Video Demo

Source Code Download

Download source code of this Computer Graphics Mini Project from the link given below. Feel free to ask anything about this projects to us via comments or email to us. 

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