Saturday, February 28, 2015

Journey of Space Shuttle or Rocket

Computer graphics is a wide area mostly used for Scientific research, Special programs, Filming or photography etc. One prominent are of graphics in computer is the are of space. Knowing the fact that we have Space Shuttle or Rocket which help go in space either it human or the man made satellite. This post is dedicate to Journey of Space Shuttle or Rocket with computer graphics programs in c cpp or c++.

In this simple graphics in c++ we use the logic of launching a Space Shuttle or Rocket, it's journey into space crossing the Mars. Different stages of Rocket propulsion is avoided due to it's complication. This computer graphics program in c++, simply demonstrate the Space Shuttle launch, it's way to leave the earth entering space and journey into the space.

Through out the journey, the background must changes. This start from the base of launch on earth - having building and communication tower shown in background, then the sky coloured as blue(sky blue) then in space background have dark colour with stars. At one of the stage in space, a planet (called as mars here) can be seen crossing the rocket.

Programming specification

The logic behind the Journey of Space Shuttle or Rocket computer graphics program in c++ is little complicated but easy to understand. All the objects created quite easily with primitive functions, which is easy to code. While there are two type of rocket -  static and moveable. Separate functions has been defined for them.

The most important code is the programming of fume, the rocket burning fumes. Without it the whole graphics program will look dull.

Future Enhance

It would be tough to have small flag of India on the rocket but you can write India in letter on the rocket. The rocket propulsion has many stages that can also be added in future to the computer graphics programs in cpp. One key issue with the program is that it's not self terminated, that means in space it will run till program is close. Manual closing can be remove with self close.


Friday, February 27, 2015

3D animated robot opengl mini projects

Earlier we can across with a way to make a simple robot for opengl mini projects. There we came across with simple animated robot which has some limitation. The limitation for that cg project was not only the interaction but features as well. Thus to overcome these limitations we have a new projects which covers 3D opengl projects - animated robot.

Requirements for advance animated robot opengl mini projects
  • We need to draw a robot which uses the polygons like square, rectangles, pentagons, triangle.
  • Different Part of animated robot should look realistic with a great precision design.
  • To animate robot we need some function to be assigned via keyword actions or mouse clicks.
  • Add rotation and translation effect for the motion in animated robot.

I finally got this amazing from 3D opengl projects two of my friends Saurab and Saket. This CG projects was developed in 2008 and has many of the features that would very useful in understanding the concept of computer graphics.

This is premium projects so you need buy this at small charge.

Download the Preview Version

Sunday, February 8, 2015

OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorial for iOS iPhone

OpenGL ES is the lowest-level API that you use to program 2D and 3D graphics on the iOS, the iPhone or iPad graphic based apps. Getting started with OpenGL ES 2.0 Tutorial for iOS iPhone, iPad.


  • A Mac with a suitable IDE installed.
  • An iOS emulator, or a provisioned iPhone or iPad.

Getting started

We’ll create a new project from an Xcode template with support for OpenGL already configured. You can follow along all of the code at the GitHub project.
To create the new project, open Xcode, and select File->New->Project…. When asked to choose a template, select Application under iOS, and then select OpenGL Game and select Next. Enter ‘Air Hockey’ as the Product Name, enter whatever you prefer for the Organization Name and Company Identifier, select Universal next to Devices, and make sure that Use Storyboards and Use Automatic Reference Counting are both checked, then select Next.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Draw Squares in OpenGL with Size Option and Sound

 Squares can be easily easily drawn in OpenGL, using the free open computer graphics libraries.  OpenGL graphics had alot of potential ways to do things. You can go with traditional Method or choose better innovative one.

Today we are going to see a computer graphics c++ program in which we are going to draw squares. Previously we have seen how to draw a circle in OpenGL, now it time to draw square in OpenGL. The program which we are going to see not only draw square but allow to increase or decrease the size of the squares. There is an additional component added to it, that the sound. The squares are formed with left click of mouse while right click give option for increment/decrement size. Sound is auto play when ever squares are formed.

Program is not much lengthy and also very much easy to understand. There is draw_square function in which the functionality  has been defined. It also contain the codes for the sound play. Rest of the program contains the same hello world stuffs (primary codes).

If anyone have question with respect to, how to make changes in the code, try to post it with your comments. Don't forget to mention how you like this post. Also tell how you can use these codes to develop your own project.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Red Blue Stereo Mini Project Computer graphics

Today we are going to see a  Mini Project Computer graphics in OpenGL that is named as Red Blue Stereo.

This is demo of stereo for red/blue filter stereo glasses. In this Mini Project Computer graphics, we are showing the red/blue filter, the effect that can be seen via glasses. Even the people with some defect in their eye able to view some objects in red/blue via their left or right eye.

This mini projects Computer graphics in C consist of mainly these objects -
  1. Dodecahedron
  2. Icosahedron
  3. Teapot
  4. Solar system
These objects can be viewed with switching of either in Mono or Stereo Views. There is right mouse attached to perform the action with menu come out as right mouse button clicked. The solar system consist of only earth and sun. More planets can be added to it if one wish with addition of other object in the code where the earth and sun orbit is defined.