Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3D Solar System OpenGL graphics program

We have seen many good programs on Solar System in OpenGL. Today we are going to present you a mode 3D modeled version of solar system graphics program. You might encountered the previous very simple solar system opengl program which remain at the top seen post on this blog. But this program is very much different as it includes many of the other space objects like stars and comets, also it has orbit and axis for each planet, which can be controlled by user. Also we can control the stars as well with keyboard.

Features of 3D OpenGL graphics program

This 3D graphics program is a very good project that can both be use for submitting at college's mini project or even in course for learning graphics. Unlike the previous solar system graphic project this program has many features.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

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Hello  Fellow Readers!

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Friday, May 8, 2015

OpenGL Tutorial in C/C++ For Doubly Linked List

There are many way by which you can learn OpenGL. Try Book from Edward Angle. You can also get many simple OpenGL tutorials in this blog as well.

Linked list is tough concept in C/C++. Today we are going to talk about it. There are mainly two kind of linked list - 
  1. Singly Linked list - The linked list that only one link node.
  2. Doubly Linked list - The linked list with two link node.
In the previous post we had already talk about the Singly Linked List, in this OpenGL Tutorial post we are going to learn about C/C++ For Doubly Linked List.

 Operation on Doubly Linked List

Like Singly Linked List many operations can be done on doubly linked list at both end of the node(both link). These are few doubly linked list operation which is given below –
  1. Creation
  2. Insert at Starting
  3. Insert at left
  4. Insert at Right
  5. Insert Front
  6. Insert Rear
  7. Delete at Left
  8. Delete at Right
  9. Delete Front
  10. Delete Rear
  11. Display
Before Going to the graphical OpenGL program for the Doubly Linked List, kindly refer to C program for Doubly Linked it first. If you understand it, then only go for opengl program.

Similar to the C++ Program, the Graphics program for Doubly Linked list also declare struct for three nodes – info, rlink, llink. Similar to Singly Linked List this program also takes input in different window while display in different window.

To display the node three simple rectangle has being drawn. These are linked with the line to other elements in the list. Drawing this in OpenGL is quite easy but need to understand the concept of C, so before going to this OpenGL tutorial program better read C program first.

Different menu has is given to user to choose the operation on the doubly linked list. Just need to right click and choose the Option. While Doing this kindly do slowly and do not do rubbish work else it might not work for you. This is not that effective graphics program but we can make it one window workable program as future enhancement.

Download Source code for Doubly Linked List OpenGL Tutorial Program


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mickey mouse using OpenGL computer graphics and animation

Everyone likes Mickey Mouse whether we are child or not. Today we are going to draw Mickey mouse using computer graphics and animation.

Mickey Mouse is most anticipated cartoon character throughout the world. It was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It is also the mascot of Walt Disney. There are many cartoon and animated movies being made and get popular with children. 

We have seen many of the drawing programs like Taj Mahal, today we are going to draw the funny Mickey mouse face with computer graphics and animation. Since it is the beginning for those learning computer graphics or animation via it, this program is simple as compare to the cartoon we see on TV.  You can view that in the image below, what we are drawing.

What this drawing programs do?

We are drawing a simple face of Mickey Mouse with little animation. The whole program is divided into different modules each defining the different parts of face. The Code accomplished with the comments which indicate what part it drawing. The no of lines of code is very less, hence easy for you all in understanding this program.

As you execute the program, first two ears will come and then the face in slow animation. Finally the eye, nose and mouth will appear. The animation is smooth as we are drawing a simple program. This computer graphics and animation don’t have any keyboard or mouse interaction. Also this is 2d version of program. The Face outlines and background color both can be easily change with little modification in the code.

Future scope

There are many things that can be added to this program which is listed below -

  • Convert this program to a 3D version.
  • Also add whole body of Mickey Mouse.
  • Make the body more colorful
  • Add animation with user interaction via keyboard and mouse.
  • Sound can also make this project wonderful.

 Hope You liked this simple computer graphics and animation drawing programs, post you suggest and queries in the comments below.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Mini Solar System Computer Graphics Programs

Presenting your C/C++ Mini Solar System Computer Graphics Programs which is executed in Visual Studio. This C++ mini project demo graphically the mini solar system.

What is mini Solar System?

As we all know there are 8 planets (Pluto being exclude to be a planet) in Solar system comprising Sun as it's center point. All planet revolve around Sun in solar system. There are planets in this start system, who owns satellite.

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