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Monday, December 22, 2014

Train Simulator C++ opengl program

Train is important part of Indian transportation system. Today we are going to have simulation of Train in our cg opengl program.

The Train Simulator C++ opengl program is show the trains running over the track. We have already seen the running train project but it was not that much powerful as it should be. Here we have much better version of Computer graphics representation of Trains in OpenGL. We have much improved Train Simulator C++ opengl program where the Train Coach are not so small but big one. The Engine is quite large as well as the wheel and track. Most important we have electric engine simulated.

In the image you can clearly see the Train Simulator C++ opengl program is made of many boxes or rectangles while wheel is circular.The two parallel line have the electricity flow for the train running, we have electric engine here.

Let talk about the code prospective. The code written in c++ is simple, we have functions for all the parts - trains, electric lines, wheels and the track. All the code combined in the display to  have the Train Simulator C++ opengl program.

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