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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Pong game in Computer Graphics Projects

We have seen many game in Computer Graphics Projects using OpenGL graphics library for the VTU 6th Sem  mini project. Many of those game has used the potential of computer graphics. There are still more to add. Today we are going to see another potential game build with the open graphics library. The use of Glut (free glut) has charmed the graphics era taking directly on the Direct X. Use of interaction of user with mouse and keyboard in general is base of any interactive game. Today we are going to see another great interactive arcade game.

The Project is written in the C++ witht good use of OOP Concept.In this project user has the option of interactive with the keyword functionality. There is key for start, moving up and down (different for each side). Most important part of this project is that this game can be played by two people. Both the VTU 6th sem partners can chill out playing the pong game while having their Computer Graphics Projects completed. Isn't it good to have fun while learning.

Rule of the Game : Player have to avoid the ball touching wall or in term of Wikipedia return the ball to other without fail. Score determines the user positions in the game. Player with high score is in winning condition. To win the game player must score 8 points before the opponent.

Keyboard interaction :

 'q' : left up
 'a' : left down
 'z' : left ball releases/speed
 'p' : right up
 'l' :  right down
 'm' : right ball releases/speed

The winning points and keyboard functions can be change via program code.

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