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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Red Blue Stereo Mini Project Computer graphics

Today we are going to see a  Mini Project Computer graphics in OpenGL that is named as Red Blue Stereo.

This is demo of stereo for red/blue filter stereo glasses. In this Mini Project Computer graphics, we are showing the red/blue filter, the effect that can be seen via glasses. Even the people with some defect in their eye able to view some objects in red/blue via their left or right eye.

This mini projects Computer graphics in C consist of mainly these objects -
  1. Dodecahedron
  2. Icosahedron
  3. Teapot
  4. Solar system
These objects can be viewed with switching of either in Mono or Stereo Views. There is right mouse attached to perform the action with menu come out as right mouse button clicked. The solar system consist of only earth and sun. More planets can be added to it if one wish with addition of other object in the code where the earth and sun orbit is defined.

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