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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Highlights - Demonstrates the use of the GL lighting model

OpenGL always want that students should learn from basics and do their own projects. In our mission of giving you all the possible materials in terms of tutorials, codes, or video instructions, we are coming with this new opengl program.

This is a simple program that will Demonstrates the use of the GL lighting model.

Why we named it Highlights?

This program on execution will shows you the name of the objects when mouse is over it. As you can see the above image, we have three objects of which only one is highlighted (red). The name of the highlighted object us shown below. This program uses the principle of lighting in opengl, hence able to Demonstrates the use of the GL lighting model.

This program demonstrates the use of the GL lighting model. Objects are drawn using a grey material characteristic. A single light source illuminates the objects.

This program is put as it is without any modification to the original code.

Download the Original Code.

We are soon updating this post with some modification to the program while adding some more objects and more interactions.

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