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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

3D Bi-Cycle OpenGL Programming

Before going into OpenGL Programming of 3D Bi-Cycle, let know in brief about OpenGL.

What is OpenGL?

OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is an api use for rendering 2D and 3D graphic. It is cross platform, supports in multiple programming languages. Silicon Graphics originally developed OpenGL in 90's, which is know most used industry standard open graphics. OpenGL uses geometric primitives - points, lines, and polygons in modeling the objects.

OpenGL Programming

As we get to know OpenGL is cross platform, hence it can run on any device. OpenGL Programming is used fro developing windows applications, mobile applications and other console applications. You can experience the OpenGL Programming in Android development or iOS Application development, almost all the mobile graphics application on these platform uses the OpenGL to render the graphical objects. The OpenGL Programming can be done in C,C++, Java and other languages.

Draw 3D Bi-Cycle in OpenGL

First we need to structures the Bi-Cycle - find different part and create a function for each of them. Finally all the functions can be used in display to show it on the screen. Different parts of Bi-Cycle are - Frame, Gears, Tyre, Chain, Pedals and Seat. Draw Frame Since a Bi-Cycle Frame consists of different part so it need to be drawn by using different primitive objects. Road of the Bi-Cycle is in cylindrical form so we have formed two function - Xcylinder and ZCylinder. These two functions take the parameter - radius and length.

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