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Friday, February 19, 2016

3D Racing Game in OpenGL

A Slovenian student of University of Maribor has developed 3D Racing Game in OpenGL with the use of - c++, OpenGL, Fmod for sounds, Assimp for loading models and some algorithm for track. I found it while browsing on my YouTube Channel. He has brilliantly coded the game which look like professional one while little improvement can be done on UI and Graphics part.

We already have shared you 2d car racing game in opengl computer graphics and formula one racing in opengl c++, but this project is very good and other project will able to compete with this 3D Racing Game in OpenGL.

I din't able to find the source code but only a video demo which I have embedded below. I am trying to contact the person to let him share the code with us, if does we are going to share it with our fellow students who would love to give this a their project.

I want you guys to try coding this and get something from this output. though this is too complex but with the help of codes provide by me in this blog and your teacher and friends you would be able to come up with some nice result. Do try experiment with code and create magic like this. Hope you will able to do so, and don't forget to share with us as well. Good Luck!

Watch Video Demo for 3D Racing Game in OpenGL

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