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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Block Breaker Sample C++ Opengl Code

Get started with OpenGL C++

It is easy to get stated with OpenGL C++. First you need to setup the environment for programming and then use some sample c++ opengl code. In windows system, you need to install the Microsoft Visual studio for programming environment. Install Glut on windows and start coding your computer graphics programs in C/C++.  You need to add the dependencies of glut or glu files with the new visual studio. There are many sample c++ opengl code are available on this site, with free source code download. Linux system are bit different, you have to use the Terminal for execution of program. Install opengl in Linux and then you can use some opengl c++ examples, execute the C/C++ program in OpenGL with help of some commands.

Block Breaker

We have listed so many opengl c++ examples that can help you understand OpenGL C++. Today we are sharing the sample c++ opengl code for Block Breaker.

Block Breaker Sample C++ Opengl Code


In Block Breaker we divide the whole section in two part - Block area and Hit Area. Block Area contains the blocks, while hit area have one bat that will stop the ball hitting the wall below. Ball moves and break the blocks in screen in randomly with the direction of force. While up, right and left wall is free for ball to hit, down wall is protected with bat. If ball hit the download to a specific no of time you will looses the game.


There are numerous function used in this sample c++ opengl code. Following done for coding the entire program so this Block Break game works perfectly.
  1. A function created to set the initial co-ordinates of the objects on the screen.
  2. Function for checking collision between block, walls, bat with the ball and give it the direction accordingly. Coding have been done keeping in mind the real world scenario.
  3. Yeah Most importantly the design for Block has been coded.
  4. The coordinate position of Ball as it move changes, which has been record with a reshape function.
  5. Function added for - as the ball touches the block, block should disappear.
  6. Lastly the main function, draw function and keyboard function to make UI better.
You can check the program, it has been well documented as well so it is easy to understand, which function works for what.

Download sample c++ opengl code

We are dedicate to provide you the source code for opengl c++ examples as we get one. So Download this sample c++ opengl code with the download link below. Do comment about the projects, any query you have in mind. Suggest us to improve. Do share source code (this source code is share by one of our reader) with us which is not published on this blog.

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